Competitive Cheerleading

2019-2020 FHN Competitive Team

Welcome Head Coach Savannah Ashbrook!

FHN Jr .Huskies is proud to announce the appointment of a new Head Coach for Competitive season 2020-2021, meet Savannah:

Savannah is currently a sophomore at Grand Valley State University, where she is studying criminal justice with a minor in juvenile justice in hopes to become a police officer!

Prior to college Savannah cheered five years for Bloomingdale and cheered two seasons for Champion Force portage. Her team placed 3rd at cheer Nationals in 2017. In High school, Savannah was team captain and First Team All Conference for three years, MVP four years, Most Spirit for two years, Academic All State Honorable Mention and Academic All Conference, her senior year. In high school she also played three other sports; basketball, volleyball and track, all while going to school and dual enrolling at Kalamazoo Valley Community College.

In her free time she likes to shop, take naps, drink Starbucks, cuddle her cat Tiger and spend time with my family and friends. A fun fact about Savaanh is her mom has been her cheer coach since she started cheering!! Savannah is so excited for this season and can’t wait to meet all the girls and build your love for cheer!!

Competitive season is open to 6th, 7th, and 8th graders within the Forest Hills Northern community.

What is Competitive Cheerleading?

Competition Season is a great way to get more involved in the sport of cheerleading. It’s also a great way to show off those skills and get ready for high school cheerleading.

The MHSAA Competitive Cheer format for both middle school and high school teams is unique to our state. SHHH… we have also hear that this format gives our athletes an edge when competing at the collegiate level (no big deal).  

Michigan Competitive Cheerleading Overview:

Middle school teams perform 2 rounds; round 2 and round 3
(High school level performs 3 rounds, 1-3)

  • Round 2 is the first round for middle school, it is the “skills round”. 
    In this round, the team will perform 4 skills in unison, flexibility skill, one jump, one tumbling skill. The forth skill can be from any of the previously mentioned areas. They also have to do all this while yelling and punching their motions. Sounds very hard but we promise you—IT IS A LOT OF FUN! 
  • Round 3, the last round for middle school, is a skills and stunting round. In this round, a jump is performed by the team in unison. Then together the athletes will perform the round while tumbling and stunting. Most people LOVE watching this round because all of the unique things the athletes learn and perform.

Competition season is a great way to show case how challenging this sport can really be, while making it fun and competitive for the athletes. 

The best way to prepare?

  1. Practice, practice, practice those motions and jumps!!!!
  2. Stretch, Stretch, Stretch those splits!
  3. Look into tumbling with our amazing tumbling company EMPOWER! Tumbling is a skill that needs to be worked on year round. Getting your athlete into a tumbling class will help them grow and prevent in-season injuries.
Visit the MSHAA website to learn more about the sport of competitive cheerleading.