Fall 2020 Sideline Season

Proud to be a FHN Jr. Huskies Cheerleader!

Fall registration will open July 1, 2020.

FHN Youth Cheer Families,

FHN Jr. Huskies Cheerleading believes the power of cheerleading and football can unite and uplift us all as we move past this challenging time. It would be short sighted to underestimate the impact of COVID-19 on every aspect of our lives including the sports landscape, and the potential implications on our fall season. 

Due to the Governor’s orders to close schools and MHSAA actions to cancel spring sports until the ban is lifted (this order bans activity at all school facilities, and non-school activity) FHN Jr. Huskies Cheerleading is not in a capacity to open fall sideline registration in May as usual. We are abiding by government, MHSAA and FHPS guidelines for fall sports events. As these officials make decisions regarding students congregating again, we will adjust our schedules.

The FHN Jr. Huskies Board is preparing for the cheer season in a safe and secure manner with our youth health and safety as the top priority. Before starting the season, we will take proactive safety measures with respect to both athletes and spectators based on CDC, MHSAA, and FHPS recommendations. We intend to be very careful in implementing these steps. FHYFL, Ranger Youth Cheer and FHE Youth Cheer, are likewise pursuing “return to play” plans, and we anticipate a common approach will continue to develop.

Connect with Us

Virtual connections from our program may greatly serve to reassure student-athletes as well as to encourage them to support one another. We have posted our chant videos on our website to encourage your athlete to connect, practice and to keep each other motivated. It provides student-athletes with the reminder that parents, coaches and other trusted adults wish to support them.

Husky Elite Videos

Husky Pack Videos

Husky Pups Videos

We have also created a Facebook page – please follow us at @jrhuskiescheer – we will post updates, inspiration and motivation for your youth and families. Connect with us on Instagram fhn_jr_huskies_cheer.

We look forward to cheerleading on the sidelines and supporting FHYFL football programs as they return to the field in the fall. Thank you. Take care, stay safe, and we will keep you updated.

FHN Jr. Huskies Cheerleading Board of Directors