Sideline Uniforms

Keeping it together

Shell, skirt, poms, bow, spirit shirt, sideline bag and jacket is our basic uniform. The bow, poms and spirit shirt are yours to keep at season end. The shell, skirt, jacket and bag are due back at seasons end at the banquet in clean condition and any missing, dirty or damaged uniforms will be fined.

To complete the look: black lollies, black high neck, long sleeved body suit, white no show socks, white cheer shoes and black yoga pants need to be purchased by the first practice. This is important due to the timing our our photos, and you must practice in cheer shoes.

Examples of what needs to be purchased by first practice:
Black bodysuit
Black lollies/boy shorts
White cheer shoes
Black yoga pants

White no show socks

Body suits and lollies can also be purchased at a local store: Kicks Dance & Activewear 2905 Breton Rd SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49512
(616) 776-5966

Wearing the uniform to school
and games

On Fridays please wear your entire uniform to school unless told by your coach. Please do NOT wear the uniform to school or out at events unless otherwise indicated by the coaches. This saves wear and keeps them cleaner. The entire uniform must be worn to games — bodysuit included. This is FHN Jr. Huskies Cheerleading policy. The expectation is that the cheerleader is dressed and ready in the required uniform before each game.

If the weather will be too warm to wear the bodysuit, your coach and a post to the TEAM SNAP app will inform everyone to wear the spirit shirt with skirt instead.


During practices and games hair must be in one ponytail with one bow provided. This is for safety when stunting. No jewelry, earrings, necklaces or rings, no make up, no nail polish, and keeping nails short also aids in the safety of stunting. Any polish or jewelry will need to be removed before cheering or the athlete does not participate.

Uniform Cleaning and Care

Please take special care with your uniform pieces. Wash in cold or warm water and tumble dry low. DO NOT bleach, iron or dryclean. If stained, using Oxyclean is best.

When washing your jacket, zip up the jacket and turn it inside out. This will help keep the zipper and garment from damage during the wash.

POM Care
These poms are your responsibility to bring to practices and games. If they are forgotten then the cheerleader will have to sit out or the squad does not use poms at all. If your poms ever get wet, you must air them out until dry. They will get sticky or moldy if not cared for.


When measuring it’s best to have a friend help since it’s difficult to get accurate measurements by yourself.

It is important to wear lightweight clothing with a standard sports bra as an undergarment when you are getting measured. Bulky clothing, like fleece and denim, can distort the measurements and lead you to the wrong size.

Use a flexible measuring tape when taking body measurements.

  1. Chest—To measure the chest, slide the tape underneath the arm, and wrap the tape around the body, going over the fullest part of the bust. Pull the tape taut – not tight!
  2. Waist—To measure the waist, wrap the tape around the waist at the belly button. You should always measure at this point even if the garment is intended to be worn lower on the hips or at the natural waist. All garments are fit with natural waist placement in mind, then adjusted according to desired styling and fit.
  3. Hip—To measure the hip, it is best if the person turns to the side with feet shoulder width apart so you can be sure you’re measuring around the fullest part of the hip. Once again, you’ll just wrap the tape around the hips, going over the fullest or widest part and pulling the tape taut, not tight.
  4. Inseam—For an accurate inseam measurement, place the tape on the crotch seam and measure to the hem. The inseam represents the measurement of the actual garment, not the body. Inseam lengths may vary.

Adult Sizing Chart


Youth Sizing Chart


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